Very few of us are fortunate enough to fit the standard clothes sizes available on the High Street. You don’t have to be particularly tall, short, large or small to have some difficulty buying clothes off the peg that fit as they should.

How often have you gone on a shopping trip with a particular garment in mind – a style; a colour; a fabric type – only to find that it doesn’t fit in with the current High Street trends, so can’t be found for love nor money?

Material shops and market stalls are full of all types of wonderful fabrics; fashion magazines jam-packed with every possible style of garment – so why be restricted by what is available in High Street stores?

Karlus G. Tailor believes we should all be able to have the clothes we desire and deserve, so offers a custom made clothing service at affordable prices. A “2 piece” suit made and fitted to your measurements starts from £570, an evening dress from £200 and a pair of jeans that fit perfectly can be yours from £130. [click for full price list]

If you have a much loved garment that no longer fits, or you’ve found an amazing bargain on a sale rack just one size too big; then get it professionally altered by a qualified and experienced tailor. [click for full service and price list]

Want something made, altered or repaired, but don’t see it listed in the service/price lists? Don’t worry – almost anything is possible, so just ask!